Saturday, April 5, 2008

My first novel, "Abduction," is out!

Back in the halcyon days of grad school, when I was supposed to be reading things like Karl Marx's Grundrisse, or Burke's Philosophy of Literary Form, I found myself sneaking in these hours-long sessions of fiction-writing. Little did my fellow grad students or professors suspect that instead of taking copious notes on Foucault's theory of power in human relationships, I was penning an elaborate pornographic tale of kidnapping and coercion!

And now that I've long-since left the those hallowed halls of my education for a life of... well, let's just say not academia, the fruits of all those warm hours of fantasy and invention have culminated in the publication of that first novel, Abduction.


Kyrias said...

I've read your novel. I am currently a reviewer for Night Owl Romance and I wrote a review for your book. If you like, I can also request that the review be placed upon the site in the hopes that it would drive more traffic your way.
4.5 stars.
I really enjoyed Abduction by Varian Krylov. Not only is it remarkably executed, but the psychological profiles of the characters are mesmerizing and their desires and needs sharply poignant. I have to admit to having more than a passing fancy for Conrad, and was more than slightly disappointed that he simply vanished into the mist, so to speak. I found myself hoping that it was he in that scene near the ending. Ultimately, I did not think that it was merely a game to him and that he truly meant those three words when he said them. Varian manages to be descriptive without being cloying, her writing almost clean in its efficiency. I also especially liked how the scenes blurred from fantasy to reality at the start of the novel. I will look forward to Varian's works in the future, and with my fascination with Conrad – perhaps there will be a story about him at some point.

This was rather presumptuous on my part, I feel, as perhaps you don't want to be reviewed. But I felt compelled to, and so I did.

Blueringer said...

I watch you; I promised not to to approach you or speak to you and doing so would be like the violation of a different sort of virginity -- a virginity defined with respect to me. So I watch, hard, blood pounding in my ears; pained at the thought of losing site, pained at the delay between spying on you and the furious self stroking that will relieve my ache; thinking of the gentle, worshipful violations you want but fear, that I want, want, want...

So tender, the defilement, so obscene, the worship, so degrading, the exultation, so violent, the things I would not do but you could not prevent.

A redolent, wet, sticky sacrament. Is it more sacred, for not being, more chaste for the imaginings of you trussed and so lovingly servicing you with contempt? Bound, do you feel awe over my choosing NOT to penetrate you? You're thinking of my cock ripping your ass-hole; will it? What tender fragrant oil do I anoint the baby smoothness of your freshly glabrous nether lips? Did I touch, so faintly, your most sensitive center, or was it my breath and your want? Blowing softly on your bare slit, stroking myself, convulsing with want and release, and leaving you in that sense that only I can own, no matter what your other debaucheries, a virgin.

Mina Tanay said...

Seductive, yes.

I've spent this past week reading your works. I didn't mean to read all of them, since erotica/romance is not really my thing. I see now that it isn't exactly your thing either but then... then I knew different.

And you, you almost bewitched me.

Now, after your words, I often find myself wondering how it would feel to be in your skin, to be in your head, to think the things you do, to see the things you see and to experience the way you do.
Writing or elsehow.
Other times I just wish I had my own John- he is really something- for keeps. When I do that, I also hope you keep your John, or Vaughn or Victor close and that you both are happy, together, always. In my heart I am certain...If you have that, then maybe others can as well. It gives me hope anew.
And sometimes, sometimes I just wander at your mastery. Shocked at how you make me not think with my head but with my senses, I feel myself obliged to go back and read then reread what I have already read god only knows how many times now. I read you over and over again like a crime scene detective looking for clues s/he knows is there.

That's not all there is. But it's enough.

I do not know why you don't blog anymore. But I am saddened. And I have a strong feeling I am not the only one.
When you bewitch people like you did me, it is only natural for them to reach for contact, for some illusion of togetherness don't you think?

I so hope you get this.


SarannaDeWylde said...

I've read Abduction and Conrad's First Girl.

I have to say, I adore Conrad. I didn't want to like him, but there's just something about him. I hope to see more from you soon.

Kecia said...

I just read Abduction and After and I loved them, especially After. For some reason I am very intrigued by post-Apocalyptic works. Your erotica, your writing is great and your stories and themes and characters are great. Wow! Thank you.