Sunday, March 30, 2008

First Ramblings

The significance du jour in my little me-centric universe? It appears my first novel is about to be published. Glory to Logos, deity of wordsmithery and prurient readerships! And just when I'd half-forgotten my warped little offspring and wrapped myself in the cocoon of a dark and brutal supernatural thriller screenplay!

In other scintillating news, over at Literotica, I've got a short story in the offing for Earth Day contest, under way at this very moment. If you're so inclined, of course I'd love everyone to read Lost. I'll warn you in advance, though, it's a fairly distant departure from my usual fare.


Will Belegon said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Varian.

Blueringer said...

The flames of Hell are made of God's love.

Farron Azalia said...

I've just finished and thoroughly enjoyed the first book you published, madam. I've only just downloaded 3 more and cannot wait to devour them too. Just thought I'd pop over, say hello, and offer my sincere thanks.