Saturday, April 12, 2008


“…[T]he Roughies and Kinkies of the middle '60s generally represent the nadir of the sex-exploitation film, ugly in spirit and appealing to the worst instincts of humankind… Paradoxically, these grotesque films, featuring neither complete nudity nor loving sexual contact, were largely exempt from the wrath of the censors, possibly because the United States has traditionally been a country that censors sex but tolerates violence.”

Ford: A History of X: 100 Years of Sex in Film

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Subversive Side of Sex

"Sex is the one area that is innately subversive to the rules and regulations of society, and pornography is the celebration of the subversive side of sex."

Ford, A History of X: 100 Years of Sex in Film

Saturday, April 5, 2008

My first novel, "Abduction," is out!

Back in the halcyon days of grad school, when I was supposed to be reading things like Karl Marx's Grundrisse, or Burke's Philosophy of Literary Form, I found myself sneaking in these hours-long sessions of fiction-writing. Little did my fellow grad students or professors suspect that instead of taking copious notes on Foucault's theory of power in human relationships, I was penning an elaborate pornographic tale of kidnapping and coercion!

And now that I've long-since left the those hallowed halls of my education for a life of... well, let's just say not academia, the fruits of all those warm hours of fantasy and invention have culminated in the publication of that first novel, Abduction.